High-speed stamping
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We produce complicated and tolerantly precise stamped components for the most demanding engineering applications. The products are typically used in electrotechnical and car industry, our parts are also used in building areas, energetics, in white goods production, in workshop toolings and in many other sectors.


Parts produced on FEINTOOL presses represent an advanced and perspective FINEBLANKING technology with a long-term development tendency. The source of growth is especially in the substitution of conventional chip machining, when the fine blanking technology allows to increase the production productivity and to reduce costs significantly at the same time.



Welcome on web pages of company Anc Components. The company was established in 2006 by owners of company ANC FOD, s.r.o. From the beginning, the main aim was to broaden present business activities out sophisticated and highly competitive production activity in industrial area. In view of the dynamic development of this project, the whole activities were at the beginning of 2007 transfered to a newly established, separated company ANC COMPONENTS s.r.o.

Company ANC COMPONENTS s.r.o. is characterized as a production organization concerned with stamping and forming of complicated and tolerantly demanding metal parts for the most exacting applications. We are a commercial stamping plant which offers its whole production capacity to our contract partners ...


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  • we are a commercial stamping plant, we offer our whole capacity to our customers 
  • stamping and forming is our one and only activity, we fully concentrate on these activities
  • our main advantages are primarily modern technologies and strong, loyal team with almost zero fluctuation
  • the company is located in Zlin, in the centre of region with strong industrial tradition, mainly in engineering area. Our partners certainly appreciate good transport accessibility with connection to motorway network
  • we continuously work on modernization of production, service operations, technical facilities, information technologies and management system
  • we implemented and certified ISO TS 16949
  • we realize research project focused on development of tools for precise cutting


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